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Best Places To Visit In Pune

One of the most popular industrial hubs, Pune is crowned as one of the most frequented destinations amongst tourists. The city never fails to keep its visitors entertained with its blend of ancient heritage and contemporary advancements. The beautiful surroundings here are proof that nature has been kind to the land as well.

Pune is the second-largest city in the state of Maharashtra and is also a cultural centre. It is among the top three major attractions in the state of Maharashtra. It is known as the "Oxford of the East", credit to its illustrious universities. Tourists are kept entertained by the many famous places in Pune that call the city it's home.

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Shaniwar Wada

Shaniwar Wada is a 286-year-old mansion that is known to allure tourists from across the globe. It is one of the must-visit places in Pune where the Peshwas lived. It was built by Peshwa Bajirao I himself. The complex houses historic forts and a mesmerising fountain that beautifies the place. The entrance of the fort finds the iconic fort of Baji Rao I, which stands to greet visitors. As you exit this historic landmark, you are welcomed by popular markets like Tulshibaug, Laxmi Road and more.


Shivneri Fort

Shivneri Fort is another celebrated location in Pune. It is where the renowned Maratha emperor Shivaji was born. The fort is perched atop a 300-meter-towering hill. It houses a massive water tank named Badami Talav, which is a landmark in itself. The tank also flaunts the enamouring statues of Shivaji and his mother, Jijabai. To enter the fort, one must go through seven gates, which shows how well-guarded it is. Shivneri Hill is also popular for Jumnar forts. If you are a trekker and do not mind a good walk, you can visit these forts, which are situated near the hill.

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The Aga Khan Palace

Built in 1892 by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III, the magnificent Aga Khan Palace is the best place to visit in Pune if you are a history enthusiast. It is one of the most important locations in Indian history and was crucial to many historic milestones that led up to India's independence. It was once Mahatma Gandhi's, Kasturba Gandhi's, Sarojini Naidu's, and Mahadev Desai's prison. Because of its excellent architectural and historical significance, the Aga Khan Palace is well-known. The Gandhi National Memorial society's main office is located inside the palace, which is now spread across a large area of 19 acres. The location also witnesses the curation of khadi.


Phoenix Market City

For all the travelling shopaholics, Pune presents its biggest mall - Phoenix Market City. With a 3.4 million square foot footprint, the mall was inaugurated in January 2013. It is situated in Pune's Viman Nagar neighbourhood. It offers nine PVR Cinema screens and a food court with fine dining restaurants and fast service restaurants, as well as four floors of retail space. Here shoppers are greeted by a range of upscale national and international brands.

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Western Ghats

Being a “UNESCO World Heritage Site”, the Western Ghats is a nature lover’s paradise. Here you can indulge in the beauty of lush forests, misty mountains, and gorgeous valleys. It also has a large variety of flowers and gushing waterfalls, enhancing the vibrance of the location. Visit this location during the monsoon if you want to take full advantage of the Western Ghats' natural splendour. The location also presents a number of thrilling opportunities for adventure enthusiasts like hiking, trekking and rock climbing.

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