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Celebrate Diwali with a Bang in Pune

The Festival of Light and Pune

Pune is essentially a blend of ancient history and current development, making it a must-visit location to witness its uniqueness. But that's not all, the same zest and vigour that Pune's cityscape radiate can also be evident in the city's way of life. This city has an electric aura and mood, especially since Diwali in Pune is a moment to cherish. Additionally, the best part of the celebrations is the shopping that takes place. Several shops selling Diwali items, clothes and amazing food will take the Diwali celebration in Pune to the next level.

Perks of Celebrating Diwali in Pune

You are undoubtedly looking for a fantastic place to enhance your celebrations. The celebrations will leave you stunned and you will learn what authentic festival festivities are like in this city—a harmonious blend of pomp and ceremony. You will undoubtedly be astonished by the festival season in Pune due to the way the city is decorated with lights, the local markets that serve delectable food and sweets, and the way the children love popping crackers. Here are some places to visit for the Diwali celebration in Pune.

five multi-colored diyas placed together
interior view of palatial remains during daytime

Shaniwar Wada Palace
One of the most magical places you may find in the city is Shaniwar Wada Palace. Since the 17th century, the enormous Palace has stood on this ground. Even though the palace was later damaged by fire and only a little portion of its splendour remains now, this location nevertheless has a lot to offer those who are interested in the past. You will be astounded by the palace's exquisite furnishings, the artistry that went into its construction, the Persian connoisseur rugs that cover its floors, and the opulent chandeliers that hang from its ceilings. When you come here, the entire area is lit up like a queen and welcomes you with wide arms.

interior view of palatial remains during daytime

The Aga Khan Palace
Among the places to visit in Pune during Diwali, this palace is a must. The late, powerful Aga Khan constructed this palace in the 18th century. This Palace is not only a magnificent creation with the grandeur and glory it emanates, but it also has a great place in Indian historical history. Mahatma Gandhi and his wife, along with several other significant freedom activists, were imprisoned there.

a colorfully crowded market place

Diwali Shopping in Pune

The big festival of Diwali is just around the corner, and people have already begun their shopping. Knowing where to locate reputable stores and locations to purchase items during Diwali is crucial. Pune is a large city with several neighbourhoods that offer top-notch goods. Here are a few well-known locations a person can trust while on a shopping binge. Places like Fergusson College Road, Hong Kong Lane, Phule Market, and Bajirao Road are one of the best places for Diwali shopping in Pune. Also if you are spending Diwali in Pune, do check out the amazing stays here.