Explore Konark - The City of Sun Temple

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Experience the culinary art of preparing Kankadaa Jhol With Aloo in a typical Odiya style exclusively from Executive Chef Sunil Panigrahi. 

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Konark, meaning Sun, is a famous 13th-century temple in Orissa. This is one of the few places in Orissa which experiences a total solar eclipse. The best time to visit Konark is between October and January when the weather is most pleasant and cool. Below are some of the best places to visit in Konark.

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Enjoy the cuisine of Orissa at some of the best Konark restaurants during your visit to the Sun Temple city!

Balukhand Konark Wildlife Sanctuary, Lotus Eco Beach Resort Konark

Spot some of the most exotic species of animals and feel one with nature at Balukhand Konark Wildlife Sanctuary, Puri.

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Located on the coast by the Bay of Bengal, Konark is a quaint, beautiful town and is the perfect destination for your getaway. 

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Visit one of the finest beaches in Konark - Konark beach, which proudly flaunts its clean sand and clear turquoise water. It's a delight for its visitors.