Odia Cuisines - Odisha’s Famous Food | Local Food of Odisha

Odia Cuisines - Odisha’s Famous Food

When you enter the dynamic state of Odisha, you'll experience a culinary frenzy unlike any other. The land of ancient temples and a wealth of cultural heritage is also home to an array of mouthwatering treats that will excite your taste buds and leave you wanting more. Odia cuisine provides a lovely fusion of aromatic spices, fresh ingredients and distinctive cooking techniques, from the calming flavours of Dahi Baigana to the robust deliciousness of Khichede and the soul-nourishing Dalma. Join us on a gastronomic adventure as we investigate some of the local food of Odisha and uncover the sources of their tantalising flavours.

Dahi Baigana

Prepare to be transported to a realm of culinary delight with Dahi Baigana, a popular Odisha dish. This simple yet utterly delicious dish mixes deep-fried brinjals (eggplants) with creamy yoghurt and a blend of fragrant spices. The crunchy texture of the baigana elegantly complements the creamy consistency of the yoghurt, producing a harmonic symphony of flavours with each bite. The meal typically comes with crisp coriander leaves and a sprinkle of roasted cumin powder. The zesty and refreshing impact of the yoghurt will leave you feeling rejuvenated and wanting more.

A delicious Dahi baigana is served in a bowl and garnished with coriander- Louts Eco beach Resort Konark.
A khichede dish is platter fancy


In the world of Odia cuisine, Khichede reigns supreme when it comes to comfort food. This substantial dish is a delectable combination of rice, lentils and a variety of veggies that have been cooked together to produce a nutritious and fulfilling meal. The lengthy simmering method allows the flavours to blend perfectly, resulting in a rich and fragrant soup. Khichede combines the gentle sweetness of the veggies, the nuttiness of the lentils and the mild scent of the rice in each spoonful. It is frequently served with a spoonful of ghee and crunchy papad or pickles. Rest assured, indulging in Khichede will feel like a warm hug!


As you savour the opulent flavours of Dalma, prepare your taste buds for a wonderful dining experience. A delicious combination of lentils, veggies and flavorful spices contributes to this traditional dish from the heart of Odisha. The secret to its velvety texture and soul-satisfying flavour is in the long cooking process, allowing the ingredients to mix and complement one another. You will be tranquilised when unique flavours take over your taste buds thanks to the combination of coconut, cumin and mustard seeds. Every ingredient is important to unlock layers of perfection. A recipe made in heaven, Dalma is best relished with steaming hot rice.

Gravy served on a bowl and the wooden spoon is kept aside.
A bowl of liquid consistency rice and some pulse

Pakhala Bhata

Pakhala Bhata is a traditional Odia dish that celebrates simplicity. The very essence of this meal is formed by the main element, Bhata (rice). Cooked rice is allowed to ferment overnight so that it can take up the tart flavours of curd, green mango or lemon-infused water. The next morning, you will have made a cool, tasty meal that entices your taste buds with each spoonful. For elevated and enhanced flavours, add a range of accompaniments, like fried fish, papad and curries. The dish is a blow of rejuvenation during summer, keeping your body and soul cool.

Macha Ghanta

Macha Ghanta is a spicy fish curry prepared with strong spices such as turmeric, chilli powder and coriander powder. It is often cooked in a pot of clay, adding a smoky flavour to the curry. The aromatic spices seep into the fish, giving it an exclusive richness and suppleness. When paired with roti or rice, Macha Ghanta is an emotion for seafood lovers.

Fish gravy served on a bowl and topped with green chillies.
Cheena Poda sweet  is served on a platter.

Chhena Poda

No trip to Odisha would be complete without tasting the heavenly Chhena Poda. The main ingredient in this classic Odia dish is Chhena (cottage cheese) which is cooked until it turns golden brown. Following that, the chenna is pressed into a mould and left to cool down, resulting in a thick, chewy cake. Chhena Poda is frequently served with jaggery or honey on the side. The fragrant flavours of cardamom and sugar combine well with the creamy and slightly sour Chhena to create a truly mouthwatering dessert.

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