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The Beauty Of Konark Beach

The quaint town of Konark is located in the district of Puri in Orissa and has gained popularity amongst local and international tourists. The waters of the Bay of Bengal flows into the many beaches that line this coastal town. The beautiful Konark Beach near Lotus Eco Beach Resort is one such beach, which is famous for its pristine waters and glorious landscapes. 

The beach is famous amidst tourists seeking a rejuvenating experience and offers some of the most mesmerizing views of the descending sun. If you are seeking a more quiet and tranquil holiday experience, then Konark Beach is the perfect getaway option for you and your loved ones.

Known for its proximity to the famous Konark Sun Temple, Konark Beach is also considered to be one of the finest beaches in India. Clear waters and fine sands of the beach will definitely call out to your soul. The waters of Konark Beach are also home to a multitude of fish species that can be found in abundance in the salty waters. Tourists can witness and partake in fishing activities and can gain some insights from local fisherman on the best fishing practices. 

A wide view angle of sea.

Tourists heading to Konark can also witness the annual Magha Saptami Mela. This large fair offers a magnificent sight of devotees taking a holy dip and worshipping the Sun God. This mesmerizing sight, of sacred devotion to the elements of nature, will leave you awe-struck and strike a resonant chord with your soul.

Konark Beach offers one of the most spectacular travel experiences and also the perfect spot for sunbathing. So grab your mat and lather on some sunscreen as you head to Konark Beach this vacation. Experience the unadulterated beauty of India and its many hidden treasures of Konark tourism.

Your vacation experience is enhanced by the impeccable luxury and service offered at  Lotus Eco Beach Resort Konark. It is one of the best luxury resorts in Odisha, situated by the Konark Beach. Ranking consistently among the best resorts in Odisha, this is also sought out as the best resort in Puri.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Konark to experience the magic of Orissa.