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Puri to Konark Road Trip

Are you ready for an unforgettable journey along the stunning coastline of Odisha? From the sacred city of Puri to the architectural marvel of Konark, this road trip offers a unique blend of spirituality, culture and natural beauty. Buckle up as we take you through the must-visit stops and the best route for your Puri to Konark road trip.

Shri Jagannath Puri Temple: Dedicated to the Lord of the Universe

The journey from Puri to Konark starts at the famous Jagannath Temple. As a sanctum devoted to Lord Jagannath, a manifestation of Vishnu, it stands as an awe-inspiring spectacle, notable for its architectural grandeur and rich historical significance. Start your day by seeking blessings at this revered temple and experiencing the daily rituals that attract devotees worldwide.

Beautifully detailed carvings on the walls of the Jagannath temple - Puri to Konark Road Trip
Seagulls flying over Chilika Lake - Puri to Konark Road Trip

Chilika Lake: A Birdwatcher's Paradise

As you head south from Puri, stop at Chilika Lake, the world's second-largest coastal lagoon. This brackish water lagoon is a haven for migratory birds and a hotspot for biodiversity. Abundant with its fisheries, the lake sustains the livelihood of nearly 200,000 fishermen. Take a boat ride to spot dolphins, explore the tranquil Nalabana Island and witness the stunning sunsets that cast a golden hue on the waters.

Raghurajpur: Where Art Comes to Life

Enrich your cultural experience by visiting Raghurajpur, a heritage crafts village renowned for its traditional Pattachitra art. Famous for its skilled artists and captivating Gotipua dance ensembles, the village is a haven of creativity. Its residents, artisans who craft sheer poetry onto treated cloth, dried palm leaves and paper, uphold one of Odisha's most ancient art forms. You can also shop for unique souvenirs to remember your journey from Puri to Konark.

Tradional Indian art featuring Krishna and Radha displayed on a wall - Puri to Konark road trip
The ancient architecture of Konark Sun Temple looks majestic as the sky darkens above - Puri to Konark Road Trip

Konark Sun Temple: Where Surya Shines Day and Night

The crown jewel of your trip awaits in Konark – the mesmerising Sun Temple. Dedicated to the Hindu Sun God Surya, the remnants of the temple complex present an awe-inspiring sight—an imposing 100-foot tall chariot, meticulously crafted from stone, adorned with colossal wheels and sculpted horses. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a stunning example of ancient architecture. Click here to read about the magnificent sculptures you could find inside the temple.

Chandrabhaga Beach: Tranquillity by the Sea

Before you conclude your journey, visit the serene Chandrabhaga Beach. Just a short drive from Konark, this golden sandy beach offers a peaceful atmosphere to unwind and relax. It was the first beach in India to clinch the Blue Flag certification, which is awarded to the cleanest beaches in the world. This prestigious label awards environmentally conscious beaches equipped with world-class amenities. This beach could easily serve as your first destination when travelling in the reverse direction—from Konark to Puri.

A lovely shot of the beach on a bright sunny day - Konark to Puri Road Trip
A motor boat goes by on the beach near the Puri to Konark Marine Drive

The Best Route: A Scenic Coastal Drive

We have found the best route from Puri to Konark that offers you a picturesque coastal drive.
Route: Puri – Puri Konark Marine Drive – Konark
Distance: Approximately 33.1 km
Duration: About 59 minutes
This route takes you along the Puri Konark Marine Drive, offering stunning vistas of the Bay of Bengal. With a relatively short distance and well-maintained roads, you'll have a comfortable journey.

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