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Culinary Corner - Chef Sunil’s Kankadaa Jhola With Aloo

Embracing the Eastern coastline of India, the Odiya cuisine offers wide variety plates of seafood such as lobsters, prawns, crabs, and freshwater fishes. A typical Odiya cuisine is relatively simple with less oil yet delicious as they are slowly cooked in medium to low heat. But they are well-flavored with Indian spices that make one wipe their plate clean. The crab curry or Kankadaa Jhol is one such exquisite dish that you can learn the fastest. The intricacies of this cuisine and the remarkable flavors makes it a real pleasure to relish. Book your stay at Lotus Eco Beach Resort Konark and enjoy this dish at Bay Spirits Seaside Cafe and Bar in Konark.

Click here to learn the recipe for cooking the authentic Odiya crab dish prepared by Executive Chef Sunil Panigrahi. 

Let the craving for Odiya delicacies always stay alive with you!

culinary corner at Lotus Eco Resort Konark