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Top 5 Places to Eat in Konark - A Culinary bucket list

Konark is popular for its 13th century Sun Temple, but what it has in its culinary treasures is one thing, which you must discover. Konark restaurants has several traditional and delectable dishes, which are unique in their flavor and have the aroma of Orissa's hundred-year-old tradition and culture. Therefore, we bring you a list of places to eat in Konark for all the foodies visiting this city Konark.

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1.Hotel Chandrabhaga & Restaurant:
If you are someone who loves prawns, then this is a place you must not miss. The delicious prawn rolls, prawn cutlets have won many hearts and guts. The restaurant offers some great vegetable steaks for all the vegetarian globetrotters. Enjoy crispy, luscious delights from Indian, Chinese and continental cuisine with a pleasant ambience fringed with a small pond.
2.Water Grill Café:
Resting on the bank of a small river which meets the Bay of Bengal, the Water Grill Café welcomes you with a colourful sign which says, “Plastic Bag in the sea, Why wait till it kills you.” As you enter, it gets your attention with this meaningful sign and as you proceed further you will discover a beautiful and tranquil ambience right beside the river. Furnished with wooden benches and lantern lightings, the ambience is paramount to your dining experience. The restaurant at this hotel near Konark Sun Temple, serves some delicious home-style chicken curry, tandoor, snappers and much more mouth-watering seafood.
3.Wildgrass Restaurant:
Nothing as good as good traditional Thali meals. Situated an hour drive away from Konark, Wildgrass restaurant offers traditional culinarians in a contemporary ambience with luscious vegetarian meals and seafood. The restaurant has a bungalow like grand feel to it. Don’t forget to try Paneer Chatpata, mixed fried rice, and Chicken Bharta on your visit to the Wildgrass Restaurant.
4.Bay Spirit Sea Side Café and Bar:
An ambience fringed by the beauty of Bay of Bengal, the Bay Spirit Sea Side Café and Bar offer delicious appetizers from multiple cuisines and variety of alcohol beverages. The restaurant opens at 12 PM and closes at 10 PM which makes it a great place if you are looking for a happening place in the evening. The restaurant also offers up to 50% off on alcoholic beverages which is one of the best deals in our Eco-resort in Konark.
5.Honey Bee Bakery & Pizza:
Experience a great rooftop dining at Honey Bee Bakery & Pizza. The restaurant offers delicious pizzas and baked dishes, served in a plush ambiance. With a splendid view and luscious Italian cuisine dishes. Pancakes, bacon salami and pizzas are the must try at Honey Bee Bakery & Pizza.

We, at Lotus Eco Beach Resort Konark, offer mouth-watering dishes at our restaurant Water Grill Cafe, which is one of the best restaurants in Konark. It has been a favorite choice for incredible food experience in Orissa among our guests. Our Bay Spirit Sea Side Café and Bar is one of a kind Konark restaurant, offering outdoor ambiance and settled beside a small river. Experience these luscious raptures during your stay at Lotus Eco Beach Resort.