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Sightseeing in Konark

When it comes to sightseeing in Konark, this coastal town on the eastern coast of India offers a treasure trove of historical significance and architectural marvels. If you're planning a visit to this coastal gem, we've curated a guide to help you explore the top sightseeing places and ensure your stay is nothing short of remarkable.

Konark Museum

Our journey starts with a visit to Konark Museum, located near Sun Temple. The museum houses four galleries displaying 260 antiquities, including sculptures, paintings, manuscripts and various remnants of Konark Sun Temple. Among these antiquities are sculptures of the Sun God Surya, other Hindu deities, dancers, musicians and animals. Additionally, there is a collection of erotic sculptures. Konark Museum serves as a valuable resource for historians and art enthusiasts, offering insights into Odisha's rich culture and heritage during the Chola period. Furthermore, the museum features a small auditorium where visitors can watch a short film about Konark Sun Temple, available in English, Hindi and Odia.

The facade of a historic building featuring a row of arches framed by detailed carvings, exemplifying classical architecture.
A stone passage and pillar with a person walking.


Kuruma, situated approximately 7 kilometres from Konark Sun Temple, holds historical significance as an ancient Buddhist centre in the region. Within the village, you can explore various Buddhist remnants, including a monastery, a stupa and numerous Buddha statues and depictions of other Buddhist deities. Notably, the monastery stands out as one of the few remaining Buddhist monasteries in Odisha. The village is also home to a number of artefacts from the Buddhist era, including sculptures, coins and pottery. Beyond the museum, take the time to wander through the village and discover more Buddhist ruins, including additional stupas and depictions of Buddha and other Buddhist deities.

Varahi Devi Temple

Varahi Devi Temple, dedicated to the formidable goddess Varahi, an incarnation of Durga, is located in Chaurasi village, approximately 30 kilometres away from Konark Sun Temple. Built during the 10th century AD by the Somavamsi dynasty, this temple, though small in size, stands as a well-preserved exemplar of early medieval Hindu architecture in Odisha. The temple boasts the Kalinga style of architecture, constructed from sandstone with a pyramidal roof. Adorned with sculptures of Hindu deities and animals, the temple's primary deity is a statue of the goddess Varahi herself, portrayed as a woman with the head of a sow, riding a buffalo and wielding various weapons. After your temple visit, take the opportunity to explore Chaurasi village, which is home to a number of other Hindu temples and shrines.

An ancient temple with intricate designs, set against a clear blue sky in a well-maintained grassy field, reflecting the grandeur of historical architecture.
Ancient stone ruins under a blue sky, remnants of a historical site with partial walls and structures on a vast archaeological excavation site.

Barabati Cuttack Fort

A two-hour drive from Konark leads you to Barabati Cuttack Fort, a historical relic that echoes the grandeur of Odisha's past. Constructed in the 14th century, this fort, originally a nine-storeyed palace, now stands with only three storeys. Encircled by a moat, the fort's waters endure to this day. The fort is home to a number of historical monuments, including a mosque, a Hindu temple and a Jagannath temple. The Hindu temple, dedicated to Goddess Durga, serves as a revered pilgrimage site for Hindus. Don't miss the opportunity to ascend the ramparts and enjoy breathtaking vistas of the surrounding city, which makes it one of the top Konark sightseeing places.

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