Konark - Off the Beaten Path | Stay in Konark | Konark Sun Temple

Konark - Off the Beaten Path

Konark, located on the coast by the Bay of Bengal, is a charming town in Puri that is a popular tourist spot. With major crowd-pleasing locations such as the Konark Sun Temple and numerous beaches, this spellbinding city has a lot to offer. Enjoy an uncommon and quirky trip off the beaten path, with eccentric attractions and a peaceful stay in Konark, where you can embrace the true culture of the locale.

A low angle shot of a stone carved ancient  temple

Konark Sun Temple

Let’s begin this unconventional journey with a customary visit to the Sun Temple. It was built in the 13th century as a gigantic chariot to the Sun God Surya, by King Narasimhadeva. The temple looks like a 100 ft. high chariot with enormous wheels and horses, carved from stone. Once towering over 200 ft., it is a definitive illustration of the prowess of Kalinga architecture, which is now mostly in ruins. The structures and elements that remain are famed for their ornate artwork and iconography. The cause of this iconic temple’s destruction is unclear and remains a controversy.

witness traditional odiya dance at ouri

Konark Dance Festival

The Konark Dance Festival is one of the biggest festivals of its kind. Spanning over five days, this celebration of culture is held every year in December. Many celebrated dancers and musicians from all over the country come here to perform at this festival, to the backdrop of the majestic Sun Temple. This ethnic commemoration of the indigenous arts is the place to be, to espouse the traditions and philosophies of this city.

ancient sculptures sand art.

International Sand Art Festival

Held alongside the Konark Festival of Dance, the International Sand Art Festival is an exceptional event where the extensive beaches act as a canvas. This festival is a rare opportunity to truly appreciate the skills and proficiency of sand sculpture artists. Every year, many Indian and international artists flock to Chandrabhaga Beach to express their sandy take on artistic expression at this cultural haven.

A long shot beach where waves are hitting the shore.

Beaches, beaches, beaches!

Located on the coast, on the fringes of the land and sea, Konark is an endearing city that carries the allure of the shore proudly. Don’t miss out on the humbling opportunity to surrender to the stoic breezes, loose sands, vibrant colours and the crashing waves of the beaches in Konark. Chandrabhaga Beach, commonly known as Konark Beach, is a popular spot that boasts golden sands, tall green trees and beautiful sunsets. If you crave some peace and quiet, you can head over to Baleshwar Beach, an unfrequented beach that is renowned for its mesmeric sunset views. Ramachandi Beach, on the other hand, is located at the confluence of River Kushabhadra and the Bay of Bengal, making for picturesque coastal views.

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