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Things to do in Puri and Konark

Puri and Konark's legacy stretches back millennia. Several references to these places on the East Coast of India can be found throughout ancient scriptures and texts. The coastal towns of Odisha boast architectural marvels and stunning views of the Bay of Bengal. Here are some activities that you can indulge in when in Puri and Konark.

Things to do in Puri 

Shree Jagannath Temple: Visit the spiritual centre of Puri and witness the daily rituals at this ancient temple. The temple is surrounded by several mystical legends and stories the most fascinating of them being the unfinished idols. The wooden idols are believed to have a lifespan and are regularly changed once a cycle comes to an end. The temple premises are filled with intricate works of architecture.

A colourful closeup image of a temple with a white dome
A wide view of a river with a backdrop of an evening sky

Sunrise at Puri Beach:Witness the gorgeous sunrise at Puri Beach. The water glimmers as if it were covered in molten gold and copper as daylight breaks early in the morning. Due to its location on the Eastern side of India, the coastal towns observe gorgeous sunrises every morning.

Shopping at Swargdwar Market: Haggle prices and buy beautiful souvenirs at Swargdwar Market. Due to its proximity to the Puri beach and Jagannath Temple, a shopping spree can be easily combined within the same day. Buy the Pattachitra paintings from this market. The bold and colourful paintings are usually done on cloth or leaves and they depict scenes from Hindu Mythology. Some other things to buy in this market are conches and wooden sculptures. Sweets in Swargdwar market are also famous in the area so do not forget to indulge in the delicious Chena Poda and Gaja.

Things to do in Konark 

Marvel at Konark Sun Temple:A trip to the UNESCO World Heritage site is nothing short of mandatory when in Konark. The 13th-century temple is dedicated to the Sun God and depicts the chariot drawn by horses that God uses in Hindu Mythology. Although it is a temple there is no active worship at the temple and there are local legends that explain the reason behind it. Marvel at the engineering masterpiece in Konark.

Intricate carvings on the facade of the Konark Sun Temple
A lovely shot of the beach on a bright sunny day - Konark to Puri Road Trip

Explore the Beaches in Konark:Konark boasts beautiful beaches like the serene Chandrabhaga beach. This beach has black sand and one can try out their hand on the water activities available here. If you are looking for parasailing in Konark, the Chandrabhaga beach might have it functioning depending on the season and water currents.

Dolphin watching in Konark:Rent a boat and head out to the mouth of the Kushabhadra River. You may be lucky to watch some playful dolphins in this area.

Things to do near Puri and Konark

Visit the Chilika Lake: Asia's largest brackish lagoon is home to scores of migratory birds and is rich in flora and fauna. Go on a boat tour to reach this island and explore the rich ecosystem. The lake is home to Irrawaddy dolphins, flamingos, and pelicans and is a spot that should not be missed out when visiting Puri or Konark.

Seagulls flying over Chilika Lake - Puri to Konark Road Trip
unique architectural craving style of Orissa

Explore Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves:These caves are a network of Jain sandstone caves dating back to the 2nd century BCE. The caves bear intricate inscriptions and sculptures.

Visit Raghurajpur Artist Village: If you wish to see how Pattachitra artwork is done, Raghurajpur Village is the perfect place to visit. Only 15 km away from Puri the artisans in the village paint mythological scenes on cloth and palm leaves using age-old techniques.

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