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Plan the Perfect 4-day Itinerary for Puri

The charming coastal city of Puri is where beach lovers come to replenish their souls! The numerous Hindu temples and vibrant beaches make Puri an enticing location. The perfect time to visit the city is between June and March when the weather is pleasant and inviting. The months of June and July witness the iconic Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra that many come to experience. If you are planning a Puri itinerary, 3 nights and 4 days can be considered the ideal duration for your stay.

Day 1

The first day marks your arrival in Puri. After you land at Biju Patnaik International Airport in Bhubaneshwar, take a shuttle to Lotus Eco Beach Resort Konark, one of the finest resorts near Ramchandi Beach. Take a breather and enjoy the ambience of our well-appointed accommodations for some time before setting off to explore Puri. To rest your tired muscles, you can spend a lazy day at the nearby Ramchandi Beach.

 A tranquil path at Lotus Eco Beach Resort leads through lush gardens, flanked by swaying palm trees and thatched-roof cottages, with the sea breeze hinting at the nearby ocean.
a person kayaking on a river

Located 1.7 km from the resort, the beach is home to the popular Ramachandi Temple. People come here for leisurely walks and to pay a visit to the deity of the temple. The golden sand, canopy of palm trees and cerulean waters make relaxing here a breeze. Visitors to the beach can indulge in water sports like kayaking, diving, water scooter and jet-skiing. After an evening spent by the beach, head out to the resort where you can devour a hearty dinner at our restaurant.

Day 2

After a refreshing breakfast, kickstart the second day of sightseeing by visiting some of the most popular sites in the city. According to our Puri travel guide, Konark Sun Temple should be the first place to visit. It is a great example of Hindu Orissan architecture that attracts pilgrims from across the world. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the 13th-century temple’s sculptural work reflects the phenomenal intricacy behind the craftwork. After seeking blessings at the temple, head out to Chandrabhaga Beach.

view of the exterior facade of Konark Sun Temple in the evening
a person in the water on a beach with others in the distance during sunset

The calming ambience of the beach is ideal for boat rides, which take you across the river and expose you to wondrous surroundings. Apart from boating, visitors to the beach also engage in surfing. After the sun sets, people also come here for bonfire parties. Once you are done exploring, you can head back to Lotus Eco Beach Resort for lunch and a siesta. In the evening, gear up to witness the iconic aarti performed at Jagannath Temple. As nighttime approaches, head back to the resort to recharge for the next day!

Day 3

After a healthy breakfast at the resort, get ready to celebrate nature! Chilika Lake, a paradise for bird and nature enthusiasts, attracts tourists with its boating facilities. A cruise to Chilika Sea Mouth reveals the mesmerising sight of majestic dolphins. The cruise is a splendid and tranquil experience that marks the perfect end to your trip. Upon arrival, you can visit the famous Allarnath Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Seek blessings from the deity and head back to the resort.

a speed boat cruising across a river in Konark
street shops selling bags and other items

On your way, indulge in street shopping to buy souvenirs to take back home. Konark is dotted with several markets that sell appliqué works, handcrafted items, accessories, shawls, handbags, Patta paintings, embroidery works and more. The government-run Emporia is one of the most frequented shops in Konark that wins the hearts of shopaholics. Bag some of your favourite items and head back to the resort. Devour a mouth-watering dinner and rest well for the journey back.

Day 4

On the final day, after relishing your breakfast, visit the final and most crucial stop - Konark Museum. It is an archaeological museum that preserves artefacts from the past, which gives us a glimpse of the city and its culture centuries ago. A treasure trove for history lovers, the museum has three galleries that house a number of antiques, including models of reincarnations of Lord Vishnu, celestial nymphs, the Khandolite-built reconstructed wheel, and the iconic picture of Surya carved in sandstone. After exploring the museum, head to the airport to catch your flight back home!